Initial mobile mars intitial foundation, I wish I had more free time... to make some more attachments,refinements and some warrior leaves but this will have to do I am afraid

I can imagine when ariving on mars there's no craneslifting or lifting gear available unless brought. Thats why I opted for a initial settlement where the easy to transport cylinder is dropped on Earth.
The Modules inflate the tires can be coupled/2 minimal and drive to a meeting point where all modules can be coupled together to get an stationary base. If the need arises (storm, radiation,...)they can be decoupled and move to another location without much hastle.

2 or more modules could drive off to set up an outpost aswell.

The modules are have a universal instrument coupling to attach robotic arms, excavator, drill,antena,... this also neutralises the requirement for multiple other vehicles.
On top you will find protective hatches that can cover the integrated solar panels from severe dust storms

And I have no clue if the snap fits will work or when the wheels/tires will rotate after printing as I planned.

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