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    Presenting Bob the Biped! 

    Interested in adding a really interactive creation to your 3D print repertoire? Here's your opportunity - by fabricating your own, pintsized, walking robot that is private!

    Whether you are already a skilled electronic equipment enthusiast, or an entire beginner interested in dipping your toe into the area of robotics - Building bob is the job for you.

    An participating learning experience attempting something new and uncommon, exercising imagination while showcasing your printing abilities.

    Bob is already a success with makers all over the world, initially created by Kevin Biagini and released to the online community where it captured our focus here where we picked it up to remix the layout and continue to share it on.

    Bob is not expensive to construct and wieldy with no previous experience or understand how, making it accessible to

    In the spirit here at My Mini Factory (and of the original designer when he released his layout to the world!) We support you to set your own stamp on Bob; - share your take on the layout to start additional variations that are unique and keep the job moving forward!

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  • Bob works using four little motors to move his legs, moves are controlled with a microcontroller that can be reprogrammed via USB.
    A list of what you'll want after printing your components is contained in the download with the component files. We have included links where the components can be purchased.
    All the parts are common and simple to locate so feel free to shop around if you'd choose to use a distinct sources to us.

    A guide on how to to construct your biped has been contained with the print files in the download.
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