It is a walking model of an AT-AT from the Star Wars movies. It's powered by a 9V battery, a 90 rpm motor, as well as a switch. Everything is 3d printed using approximately 750 gs of filament.

Here is a short video of it walking
The whole layout comprises of 69 individual parts (28 STL files). It seems like a ton but most are little prints that are simple. I printed an entire group of parts in about four days. Determined by how great your printer is it may take some hours to clean up the components and assemble it. It is a model that is big, it is nearly a foot tall. Ensure your printer is not small enough as they can't be scaled down to print all of the components!

The non 3d printed parts could be bought here:
Motor - $13
Switch - $0.75
9V Battery Clip - $1.25
(I used a battery clip I had laying around so you may need to cut and solder the cables)
you'll also need some super glue.

It's required a significant amount of work to design and construct this and I don't have any issue with sharing these files free of charge, but I'd appreciate it in case you're feeling like contributing a little number. https://www.paypal.me/DanOlson

As always, in case you have some questions feel free to send a message to me.

11/1#151/15 Upgrade A couple folks have pointed out that putting this thing together is dumb difficult and needs some work (particularly the play in some of the equipment). I apologize, in the event that you are having problem and I'll do my best to repair a number of the problems. So the components twist which should have likely been done in the very first place, I will attempt to produce it. In the event that you've got some particular problems please I'd like to know. School is keeping me fairly busy but when I 've time I'll make an effort to get to this.
Additionally, it appears that the sparkfun motors are on back order. Oops. Hopefully they will restock shortly. In the meantime I Will make an effort to repair a number of the problems.

Print Settings

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: All parts were printed at 0.2 millimeters except for the body and head pieces which were 0.3mm.

Infill: I used 10% for everything


Printed in PLA

Printer Prerequisites:

  • Minimal perpendicular skill: 115 mm
  • Minimal Y axis skill: 178 mm
  • Minimal X axis skill: 110 mm
  • The file body_ATAT.stl is the 'greatest' part. It's 110 millimeter broad and 205 millimeters long. In case your printer cannot handle a component 205 millimeters long, I've included a variant of the file that's split into two bits (body_ATAT_front.stl, body_ATAT_back.stl). Each one is notched so the bits may be pasted together. I haven't printed both of these as my printer can manage the one piece variation. Nevertheless, I'm assured that they'll fit together if printed accurately. Please I'd like to know in the event you've got some problems with this.

Component Record
The subsequent parts need support structure:

  • Body_ATAT
  • Foot
  • Frame_Left
  • Frame_RIght
  • GearSet_BL
  • GearSet_BR
  • GearSet_FL
  • GearSet_FR
  • Head
  • LiftGear_FLBR
  • LiftGear_FRBL

I created a brim for the components where gear teeth were touching the construct plate to minimize deformations in the teeth at the construct plate. This requires post printing work to file between the teeth which might be necessary


I have included some images to assist together with the assembly of this. If you still have questions feel free to shoot me a message.

You probably will still have to floss the teeth using a file to make them mesh well, although I designed the gear tooth profile to be 3d printing friendly.

Most of the parts needed an adequate quantity of clean up work (particularly the gears) and you'll be able to make great usage of files, sandpaper, wood chisels, and super glue. A number of the joints do not need to be pasted depending on your printer and might be an extremely tight fit.

There are two LiftGear parts that appear similar but are mirrored. It is vital that you print two of each. The exact same is true for the two LegPivot components.

This model is only going to walk nicely on smooth surfaces after finished. (I am kind of surprised it walks at all)

CAD Files + Blender Assembly

I've created a blender file together with the entire layout animated. In case you have questions regarding the assembly, this could be helpful. It and that seems trendy. It's possible for you to download this in this dropbox folder. I have also contained SolidWorks files (inluding an assembly) for all of the parts in the event that you are keen on changing the layout. I motivate a person to add more detail to the body/head/leg components as I do not have much artistic ability. The SolidWorks items in this folder may be a little rough. I used to not actually attempt to make it presentable.

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