No Peter Quill Cosplay would be complete without boot jets! These were done in 123 Layout (not my finest work, but rather accurate). It is a work in progress. When the other set is printed by me, I Will gather, paint, then add more images of the finished pieces. Hope you love.
UPDATE: 10/4/14
Eventually completed painting! I have attached pictures of the finished pieces. We chose to go with a Velcro strap across the ankle on due to the zipper positioning of the leg chaps my son used which did not supply a great hold for stick on Velcro to hold them. Additionally, be attentive with the joining of the upper and lower jet halves. I had one break apart on me while painting and super glued them. I re-pasted with acetone (since they were ABS) subsequently drilled and drove a tiny screw at an angle through the bottom half upwards in the top half of the jet. I place it in the rear, which means you will not see it. Both pieces ought to be redesigned to really have a raised or peg area that fits into the other half. In case your printer can manage the height, the most effective choice would be to unite the two halves into one piece...


The model divide into different bits to make it flexible for printing potential. I aim to paste the top and bottom jets then paste to the mid part and printed in ABS. The jet tops have -drilled holes for attaching screws. All these are urged to supply cosmetic treatment as well as to add structural support for the jets. Pre-drill the holes into the central section and use #6x3/4" or similar screws.
For attaching the unit to your boot, I comprised a slot in the central part to run a strap/velcro. Iwill attempt to use stick on velcro panels around the rear of the central section and to the boot itself. There ought to be enough surface there to supply adequate adhesion and I will not have a strap revealing...
I printed each bit with 5% infill and 3 casings at .27 layer height. I attempted to decrease the weight in the models as much as really possible. In the event you make these, hope you appreciate and post images.

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