.STL File / 3D model: ELEPHANT

We created this adorable small articulated elephant last month for our buddies in Nante, at IRT Jules Verne (France).
Their city is famous for their giant puppets. The most well-known one is the magnitude of a structure, a tremendous robotic elephant.
Since they purchased plenty of materials from le FabShop, including a short ton of MakerBots, our creative director, Samuel N. Bernier designed this small plaything to be used as a goodie.
It had a great success, so we determined to share it along with you.


You can download two files for two distinct size :
XL size (length : 275 mm)
XS size (length : 90 mm)

  • May be printed with 0 infill should you need
    The Z resolution we used is 0,2. (MakerBot's normal setting)
    We used MakerBot's Pumpkin orange PLA.
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