I ordered the wrong E3D-Hotend. For my Ultimaker I needed one with "bowden extrusion" and I bought "direct extrusion", since it was a bit cheaper and now I had to improvise a way to receive my bowden-tube attached to the hotend.
I've made this adapter for this:
promising hotend mount.

All it does is grip to the grooves and feature a nut-trap for an M6-nut, since this has proven to be an extremely dependable way for fastening your bowden tube to something.

Note: the SCAD-file includes a model of the E3D-heatsink's cover, perhaps you want to use it. Since they are the first ones from E3D the measurements are all correct. Like I did you could even add a tolerance.

P.S: You're welcome to edit this Item via OpenSCAD. Given that you can read my code ;-)

Development history===========

Update 12.10.2013:
Uploaded the photos. This only inflicts the looks of this thing not its purpose, although there was a little trouble with printing the overhang as you can see. The fitting is tight on the head and nut, the alignment looks good...
The one thing that needs some adaption is that the faces of the adapter do not yet match to the faces on the printhead.
On Monday I will try if it works anyways.

I've mounted the new hotend . The bowden-adapter works fine: so there's not any extra friction onto the filament extruder barrel to bowden tube's alignment matches.
BUT it is about 5.5mm too long on the y-axis. I had to move my endstop-switches by drilling new holes for them in the frame that is left.

This will be fixed in a later version, where the form of the adapter has smaller y-dimension.

I'll send pics as soon as I can borrow a camera again.

Update 21.10.2013:

I discovered that E3D provides the patterns of the heatsink on their page, so the values were taken by me from there and replaced it with my own measurements. I made the piece so the alignment tube-heatsink will be strict, where the bowden tubing comes in longer and have reduced tolerance.
The outer shape is pentagonal this can help to keep the surface intact during printing.
Also I changed the fitting of the adapter to the hotend mount, so hopefully it'll fit this time.

I havent printed out it yet, but -by chance- will do so.

Update 22.10.2013:

I corrected and have discovered a mistake in the fitting for the E3D-heatsink-head. It should now work better. I have added three tolerances that were unique since the resolution of your printer inflicts the accuracy of the fitting.
Also the files for OpenSCAD are uploaded so you can edit it.

Update 22.10.2013-later:

I've used the 0.3mm tolerance and still had to use a little acetone to have a correct fitting. The alignment tube-heatsink is ideal. The Nut also fits into its own trap.
I believe that is as good as it gets. If anyone wants a version just write it below, or use the code I provided.


Material: ABS
Slicer: Cura 13.06.5
Temperature: 250°C
Heatbed: 100°C
Material: White ABS from Ultimaker.
Speed: 150 mm/s
Travel: 150 mm/s
Hotend: E3D
Layer_height: 0.1mm
Infill: 100 percent
time: around 45 min

This screwed up the looks of the outside as you can see in the pics, although I've printed it so support will not be needed by the grooves for your heatsink. Tuning printing temperature and usinge a pentagonal silhouette that was outer solved that in the subsequent versions.

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