5th Jun 2015 --- Updated:
For those 3d printing enthusiast. I've uploaded my merchandise that was discontinued. Fit and your challenges would be to print all the four parts. Not to drive but slip in only tight. I've given 0.1mm difference, so you need to fix the multiplying factor a little as 1.1x for the side clip. Print the body clip. And print all in a pair. Love!!! If you can not fit in and do not blame me. Blame it on your 3d printer.... lol.

Download connectorV4_MB_Prod-sideClipL1_2_1310.STL and connectorV4_MB_Prod-back1_2_1310.STL

29th Jan 2015 -- Updated:
MagSavior POWClip 3 has finished. With many characteristics feedback from users. Thank you for all your opinions. http://www.magsavior.com/collections/magsavior-powclip-3

Take a look at the facebook page for details image:

12 Jan 2015 -- upgraded.
Beside you can purchase the 3d printed magsavior from http://www.magsavior.com, you will see I 've added a nice small clip call Mag Clip for the magnetic point end. Assess out: http://www.magsavior.com/pages/magsavior-mag-installation

Hi All, first like to thanks MakerBot for bringing rapid prototyping for a consumer grade a real wind. Here I Have released my continue third (Preproduction) edition. http://www.magsavior.com
After only 3 weeks from my first variant, with the support of my fellow associates, close friends and relatives. We've began a indiegogo cloud funds to envision our target from a 3d printed image to closing injection mould creation.
Here is the scenario:
Have you ever fell upon your MagSafe power adapter for the MacBook blown away unexpectedly, and you've to purchase another one? That will cost you US$79. Have you ever found that the joining part of the cable as well as the adapter have a kink in it? That's because the negative shielding has worn or torn off. This creates a great deal of electric stress on the adapter. Before you understand it, you may hear a "POP" sound, and there goes your MagSafe power adapter.
If your MagSafe power adapter is still operating and you also want to prolong the life span of your power adapter than to spend US$79 to get a fresh one, here's what we've created. Back our MagSavior before it is gone, and conserve your electricity adapter! Forget about Googling "How to repair MagSafe adapter".
MagSavior we called it, is devised with a genuine need to shield and prolong the use of the MagSafe adapter. Improved Thoughts were created in 3 D and multiple images were printed from a 3D printer simply to perfect the ultimate product before pre production.
Please help lead in the realization of our job. Share our MagSavoir amongst friends as well as family on Facebook and Twitter, you will never understand when their Magsafe power adapter is going to "Pop".
In addition, for those who have a 3d printer and want to print one for your own use. Please head down to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:141012 (Version 2 of my Magsafe Saver)
Please give an opinion and like in case you find it useful.
And should you want to learn how I created this in 3d. I've created an instructable on Autodesk 123D Design
Thank you & do want to have your support in indiegogo.
Updates: Check out my FaceBook Page:
Thank You All.
Anthony L (MILKA)

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