Hedrons are stone monoliths found throughout Zendikar's plane. Hedrons become powerfull tools of binding when properly aligned. 1

This is my Hedron project. I've always wanted something iconic from Magic the Gathering to sit on my shelf of geeky staples ( you know the usual, Sonic screwdriver, T-Rex figure, Lady Deadpool figurine , etc etc.) and with the release of the Battle for Zendikar block , I realized that the ideal object was staring me in the face because October 2009.

None of them were quite right to me, although I've seen some Hedron models before, they got the patterns incorrect , or just seemed off somehow , so I set out to design my own , and this is the result. These are the result , since there are two variants here.

I started out by making a smaller Hedron that easily fits in the palm of the hand Such as this. But once I'd finished it , I realized a) it was a tad small for display in my Geek shelf, and B) the spacing on the interior was only BARLEY enough to match a 2032 Battery with two LEDs taped to it. So I scaled it up, and designed the larger version to have assembled in areas for 6 LEDs ( 4 at the center pieces and 2 on the battery holder holder ) , a AAA battery holder ( AA would probably fit too I only had a AAA ) , and a change so that it could be turned off and on easily.

I couldn't be happy with the result.

The documents contain both versions , the smaller Hedron ( STL files beginning with Hedron), and the larger Hedron ( STL files beginning with BH). The larger hedron design includes a interior mounting piece of the LEDs for the switch, battery holder and two, as well as STLs for a foundation for displaying the hedron.

I hope you like my Hedron project! I'm happy to assist with any questions as always!

--------- Update March 6 2016 ----------

  • Added a new Small side file ( BH_SideSmallRC_ButtonHole. Stl ) with a hole for a Self-locking switch 8 x 8mm (http://www.dipmicro.com/store/SWITCH8X8B)

  • Added a new file ( BH_ButtonHolder. Stl ) that will hold the switch in place if glued to the inside of the previously mentioned side piece.

  • Added a new files ( BH_BaseLarge_Magnets. stl ) & ( BH_BaseSmall_Magnets. Stl ) with spots for 1/4" diameter rare earth magnets for use to maintain the pieces togeather instead of using the keyhole slots.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Printrbot

Printer: Simple Black

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.20

Infill: 90 percent


Supports were needed just for the long tapering part of the larger side pieces and were minimal. I did a swap part way through to the side bits. I began with clear PLA, then just prior to the closing flat layer of filament , I changed it into gray PLA, so that a large part of the interior face of the side pieces facing the LEDs is transparent, with only a single layer of gray PLA before the symbols start. The base plates have been printed in material, as I don't have dual extrudes to perform a layer of PLA.


I glued of the pieces together, and cut down the sides article printing. On the version I also painted the edges a gray. When the LEDs were off, this was mostly to hide the material of the base plates.

How I Made This

I used the pattern which WOTC had released form for the patterns on the side of the Hedrons, cleaning them up in Photoshop , and converting it into an SVG so I could bring them. The patterns hang up marginally and made 123D groan, but it was worthwhile , they turned out great!

The side pieces are designed to be glued together on a base plate that was matching. Among the base plates will have two 4-40 screws that fit into matching slots on the baseplate that is opposite, insert the screw heads and twist to secure!

There are two variants for the side pieces for the big and tiny halves, the full pattern pieces that are normal, and a version which has a rounded corner segment. You can mix and match when you print to possess whatever combination of sides you want, I personally went with 3 of the normal sides, and 1 with a round corner for each half, and then offset the rounded corner bits by one side from one another during assembly.

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