In the design of a Chesley Bonestell 50s style design that is scientific moon rocket
This thing is far too big to print in 1 piece - over 200 mm tall! -
(although if anyone wants the original file I want to know)
I cut the rocket into 4 segments with different alternate pieces for the second and third segments. All the segments are hollow,(hopefully saving a lot of time and plastic). Section 1 is
designed to accommodate 4-5mm LEDs with hollows leading down among the wing struts to allow for wiring electricity.
This is meant to be the first in a series of Bonestell / von Braun style ships. Assuming I do not burn out to the idea first ( this took a good 7 + hours to make-and it's the one that's fairly simple! )

Any comments greatly appreciated please please??


section 1-( 28 mmH x 60mmW )
Section 2-(85 mm)-with and without the airlock
section 3-(75 mm)-clean, blank with cargo door,with Windows, with Windows and cargo door
section 4-(24mm)-nosecone same on all

Print one each of 4 and sections 1, 2, 3 and glue together
Remembering to run LEDs and the cable first if you wish to light it
You might need to clean up the holes first to have the LEDs to fit
/// May 12-added a launch 'flames' foundation That's hollow and about 1 mm thick throughout ///
If you use the section3 with the cargo door you may find it interesting to install a floor out of a thin piece of plastic stock and make a little cargo room and perhaps a little tiny Crane which is what I'm planning to do when I finally get around to printing this item.

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