.STL File / 3D model: BOX MOD BOTTOM FEEDER - 26650 & MOSFET

Be carefully: job !

Box mod dimensions are 52x30x82.

This is a box mod bottom feeder (squonking) that mount:

  • 26650 battery (maximum lenght 68 millimeter effettive);
  • 6 ml bottle (or 8.5 ml soft that u can find in italy online shop);
  • mosfet;
  • 12 millimeter push button.

There 3 king of drip cap hole to make happy all.

The wiring diagram is the classic for the mosfet (take a look in my other job).

Another shot: http://www.esigblog.com/26650-box-battery-bottom-feeder-mosfet-stampante-3d/

24/02/2016 - released

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