It is a resize and negligible remodel of the mature size Halo 4 Helmet
it's been reduced by 15% and is now a little kid size.
There's now also a medium size B variant at
To better support in-depth directions and development, now hosting site like content at hackaday jobs which is in alpha software, at

There's now a vac form for the visor at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:217267

This may fit a 4-8 year old.
I believed I should finish this as it was the original intent.
Where practical components are joined to fit on a replicator 2 print bed. STL with multiple parts also have been added to help in fast printing.
None of these parts are harmonious with the Mature Size A, all mods for Kid Size C is going to be held in this version, to prevent confusion.
Photos will soon be added in due course, print and construction is well under way.
All components are correctly oriented in the STL files for printing at medium resolution .2millimeter, 2 casings, 10% infill. With support and raft.
don't reorient, trust the "down" face. Don't let Makerware to vehicle scale ( where was that believed an excellent notion to have alternative that alters the model, that seems just the same as the choice to transfer the version to the bed :-/ )
You can print as many components as you can fit in your construct plate at one time, without warping.
I'll upgrade this case with images as I clean up and gather.
9V battery mount is made into summit. tie wrapping mounts are made into the walls throughout to run to led mountains.
Print insert and visor components in the majority of crystalline stuff you've got,
All magnets are set right in the parts, without the cups, which means you just want the magnets themselves.
Magnets used are 3/8 x 1/10 99K32.03 - 19 off
Tension pins throughout version for assembly are 1/8" x 5/8", which are briefer than the first. 240-008 - 46 away, simply purchase a carton of 100.
A single 9V battery mount is made into the summit, together with cable guide warts at useful areas internally.
Note the M4 hex head bolts in this variant are with 6mm shafts.
Will add parts count and details in due course.

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