.STL File / 3D model: HALO 4 HELMET FULL SIZE ( ADULT - 6'6" PLUS )

This model is now DEPRECATED by the correct size variation at


The following should be considered historical.

WARNING: I 've a Goldilocks scenario. Authentic version was not too large, this one is too large, not terrible and perhaps the size that is perfect for master leader, but larger than I was anticipating.!

THIS REALLY IS TOO BIG, you've been warned.

Unless you're well over 7feet tall, this example of the version is now whole, do not construct it.

I've added visor STL versions which are just proof of concept for the the ultimate vac form visor, but I'll just do that measure on the following appropriate sized variation, they do not have all mounting points, but enough to reveal the model is "accurate".

Will be resizing rescale, remodel will likely be minimal as simply needs magnet and pin positioning checking and rework the walls don't overly thick.

All parts are being greatly thinned as well as upward-sized compared to kid sized variation.

All parts have printed confirmation, please monitor orientation carefully to ensure minimal support consequences.

For Back Left Bottom corner bits, in the one corner personal identification number alignments didn't clash, despite triple checking account the perpendicular and flat pivot do! Thus use 5/8 tension pins instead of 3/4 tension pins in the corner to prevent the conflict.

Notice in Jowl and chin sections

Cavity for the magnet positioning to attach the chin piece that is anticipated to want be removable to get helmet on / off

The cavity in the right or left side of the Jowl for the insertion of LEDs.


Magnets used are 3/8 x 1/10 99K32.03


Set in 3/8 steel cups 99K32.52


Jowl Insert STL, are for uncomplicated insert with recess for the RGB candle from


Which I only use to look at aesthetics.


I'm running a replicator 2.

All slit via regular latest makerbot firmware and makerware.

0.2 millimeter layers, with support and raft.

Please pay careful attention to the orientation of pieces in the pictures as this is essential to the decrease in support consequences, revealing successful prints, and surface finish.

Uses 1/8 x 3/4 tension pins for place of bits to each other, except in one case on rear x 5/8 pins are needed due to conflict.! corner where 1/8

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