Took a model from the game and made it friendly. Working on the remainder of the armour. These pieces are for a complete sized adult, about 6 feet tall, possibly up to 6'4". The scale is incorrect although the remaining part of the arm armour is almost done and the peg slots haven't been designed by me . At this scale, these can fit on a makerbot/flashforge printer (about 8"x5.5"x6"). Large_red_frog's helmet is linked here because it is wonderfully done and there is no point inn me attempting to reverse that man's hard work. Not reinventing the wheel here- I believe I 've an adequate procedure in doing thus and I simply need to make a completely printable Halo armour set accessible for the people. Propositions on scaling, fasteners, etc are welcome as I'm comparatively new to this.


I 'd superglue 1/4" pegs (or poles cut to size) in, superglue the seams a tiny little, and then use a wall plaster or putty to seal up any seams. It is not worth 3d print pegs that can break and thin wooden dowels are extremely inexpensive and snap. Peg hole caps which could be 3 D may be designed by me but those are minor at this point.
Let it all dry, sand it down, and paint over it for an excellent look with no pain and suffering of an authentic old school cosplayer.

Notice: turn components 3 upside down on the print bed and components 2 to save stuff.


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