The Wayfarer Tactics Kickstarter campaign will be a success to our impressive backers! We could have fulfilled our target, but we have got a couple more days to make versions and more publications, so be positive and check in and drop us a pledge!

"From the far coast they hail, white sails flying in the mist-boundary winds. By the dragon you understand these cool guys born of the dragon and the wolf, these invaders. Collect your iron, for they come to take what's yours by blood and by fire."

Wayfarer Strategies is a miniature wargaming process that is dynamic. With these rules, versions can be used by you from your group to enact skirmishes, large scale conflicts, or bash-focused dungeon crawls. Based on our Wayfarer multiverse setting, you can stage your conflicts in universes of magic-loaded high fantasy, far flung intergalactic scifi, or anything in between.

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Additionally, we have set up a Patreon page for anybody who is interested to aid finance us so we are able to keep making free and open sourced games like Wayfarer Strategies. Check it out here.



Printed at in halves at a .1 layer height with 0% infill and assembled with model paste.

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