Here is a printable that is practical assembly of the iconic Thompson sub-machine gun. I've modelled it from machine drawings and changed specific assembly fortitude and component measurements so that's printable. The stock, barrel and receiver break down into two parts which that fit together before assembly in order that it may be printed on a bed size that is smaller.

Now, I've just posted the entire assembly variations as STL's as I wish to print the assembly myself that I understand that each assembly will be successful so nobody is put off printing it before I release the files.

My end goal would be to accurately size springs for the recoil and trigger mechanisms so that it could be cocked and fired (clearly minus actual bullets). You may even have the ability to add and remove the stock, possess the pick of a ribbed or solid barrel, load 50 round drum or a 20 round mag as well as the selection of a regular sight or sight with compensator. A few of these variants may be observed in the leaves.

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Upgrade - 28/09/15
STL's and SW 2012 component file uploaded. If you have, I have not printed this so please leave comments.

Upgrade - 06/11/15
Now printing this now, will hopefully have most of it done by next week. When finished will post a make.

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