After a serious dependency to the 8-bit theme here on Thingiverse I happened upon Tunako's parametric container and only needed to put one and one together...

Here are two openscad scripts that create cartons that are rectangular or cylindrical. Both are configurable with a text established pattern, see the examples.


You most likely need to tweak your carton. The included examples are thus not truly useful without at least some scaling up and are fairly modest. Begin with one of the examples in the zip file and look in mybox.scad and cylbox.scad for details on the parameters. These scripts are written from scratch and not based on the ancestor thing, so any present layouts aren't directly useable here. Sorry!

To print thin-walled items make sure that the wall depth is a multiple of margin widths, which depend on slicer and your printer. The little sloping bars are catchy if printing / and quickly or without added cooling. Printing several cartons at a time is most likely a great trick but might cause surface blemishes.

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