.STL File / 3D model: SLIDING LID BOX

Little box with a sliding, shutter design lid.


Print the cases A and B upright, so the flat sides of the carton are
on the platform. For the lid, print level with the ridges facing upward.
Curl the lid around a pencil or something similar to bend it to the
right contour. Set Case A and B to see where they join.
Slot the lid into Case A and slide it to the completely open position.
Add adhesive to the joining regions of Case A and press Case B
securely in position. While holding the components together slide the lid open
and shut a few times to ensure no adhesive sticks to the lid.

Advocate to be printed in ABS as PLA may not be adaptable
enough for the lid. As the lid may snap after significant use will likely not continue eternally.

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