I 've light and decal kits for sale on my Etsy shop if interested:

LABELS zip has been upgraded to contain an inverted variant of the very best label.

Charlesworth Dynamics is very happy to provide the TARDIS Deluxe Kit. I've to get a reasonable print so I designed this to print flat. It offers some fine customization alternatives and turns out better, quicker.

This really is based off BBC patterns from early Tennant or Eccleston. Everything is made to snap or slot together paste since it is so miniature is not required except for the lamp top to lamp shade.

So the TARDIS could be utilized as a pencil holder, container, etc., the top comes off Make use of the strong foundation in this instance.

Make a routine TARDIS, Bad Wolf TARDIS, Half Wolf TARDIS (revealed) and jazz it up by adding lights.


Ensure that you download the 'TARDIS_instructions.txt' which has complete printing and construction directions. People appear to be missing that.

Use the LBX files for labels there are JPGs for those who have a PTouch label maker that interfaces with a computer.

Band foundation and lED holder, batt tray are not required unless you plan on installing lights. There are just two distinct battery trays to
adapt distinct switches (read instructions.txt).

Should you buy a lighting kit from me, you'll need to print the 'TARDIS_batt_tray_Mouser.stl' not the 'RS' variation.

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