.STL File / 3D model: NEW DEADPOOL BUST 2016

New Deadpool Bust 2016

Abs PLA Flexible

Mine Is Slic3r & ABS Settings:

Infill 50%
Layer Height 0.13
Speed 40mm/s
Skirts & Brims - Yes (4 ABS) - Better Adhesion.
Scaled From The First Deadpool Bust Size 1 To 0.8 For Less Printing Time.
After Scaling With This Slic3r Settings I Got - 4H & 30Min Printing Time.
Not Bad !!!
Abs Printing Temperature:
100ºC Heated Bed & 235ºC Extruder.
Take Special Care With The Swords, Are Very Fragile, I Must Redo The Swords.
If Anyone Have Problems With Breaking The Swords I Uploaded The Swords, To Insert Afterwards & Superglue Them In Place. (Swords Scaled At 0.8 Assessing To The First Size Deadpool Size, So If You Print The First Size, Scale The Swords From 1 To 1.20, To Fit).
Use Supports For The Swords.

All Done !!! :-RRB- --> Here Is A 3D Printing Time Lapse !!!

Youtube Video:


Enjoy !!!

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