This is my first quadcopter that I designed to accompany me. The model was made in creo elements express (free cad package from ptc). The model can be modified.
Here's a first film of the thing in the atmosphere:

The main image shows the quadcopter. Despite a fall of more than 20 theres nothing significant got ruined.

Quadcopter on my website:


  1. 3d print the following components:
    • house_1 to house_6
    • mount_1 to mount_4
    • ball_1 to ball_3
    • legattachment
  2. cut an 8 Millimeter carbon pole of 1 m length in half
  3. cut 3 pieces of 70 mm length from a 4 mm carbon pole
  4. cut lid_1, lid_2, lid_4, lid_6 and lid_7 from 1 mm birch plywood
  5. cut lid_3 and lid_5 from 2 mm birch plywood
  6. glue an 8 Millimeter carbon pole to house_3
  7. paste an 8 Millimeter carbon pole to house_4
  8. paste mount_1-4 to the ends of the 8 Millimeter carbon rods
  9. paste the 4 mm carbon rod to the legattachment
  10. paste the balls to the other ends of the 4 mm carbon sticks
  11. build using m3 bolts and m2 bolts for the engine attachment ...

Further material

  • 4 esc's (turnigy multistar 10 a)
  • 4 brushless motors (turnigy mt2204-14t)
  • 4 propellers 8x4.5 cw and ccw
  • 2s lipo 2200 mah
  • Multiwii mini (40x40)
  • rc receiver
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