This is linked to my http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:146849 modular system. My quad crashed, ruining the framework and props, but the electronics were fine.
This quad is located off .5 inch square dowels. The top is based from my system that was modular, so the parts will connect, but I modified it to have screw holes that line up with the base. Because of bridging not leaving the flattest surface, I made the square dowel holes in the parts taller to avoid needing a lot of cleanup when a part has to be replaced.
The landing gear pieces are extremely thin, made to be fast to publish replacements, although to break as the point. They can be placed in the center, like mine in the pictures, or on the arms as the screw spacing is the same.
My frame weighs seen in the attached photo. All up comes in at 920 grams w/ a 2200 lipo flown in the video below.
My build is as follows:
one Quad Bottom
one Quad Base Top
four Landing Gear Arms
Four Quad Arms (motor mounts)
one Battery Strap Base
Four ST2210 motors
Four 8045 props
One Qbrain 4x20 ESC
APM w/ power sensor and GPS
900Mhz Telemetry Module
FrSKY 4 station CPPM receiver.
Maiden flight:
I printed 20% infill ABS w/ 3 perimeters in slic3r.

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