.STL File / 3D model: J1772 INLET

I found it extremely annoying that this simple yet quite expensive (to purchase) thing has not been posted anywhere. So I made my own based on the spec that I found.
J1772 is a charging standard for electric automobiles, the coil is the part that is found on the vehicle, and if you wanted a dummy inlet to just plug in the charger to hang it up or keep crud from the pins, be ready to fork out some $$$, but now you can just print it. Re-post and feel free to change, but please refer to this original. Thanks.
Update 2013-09-08, this part available in a few places around the net. You will see that the licence agreement when you download this, you make indicates it's not for commercial use, that means it can not be sold by you if you downloaded it from here. The person who has authority to sell this specific part is Joel Clemens.
25$ plus shipping, please contact joelclemens at gmail dot com if interested, thank you for your service :-RRB- The device that is being sold DOES have a latch, which is a recent update not fully printed here.
Thurs, Sept 12 2013, Beginning to sell some, I hope I can keep up with demand :-o
I am in Canada, shipping to USA is 8$ ETA about two weeks
shipping to UK is 9$ ETA, also about two weeks
Tracking and insurance will be more expensive, but are you really in that much of a rush?
I have no idea if you are going to be charged duties/VAT, so you are on your own. (is not it like that everywhere on the net?)
The email address above is also registered with paypal, thank you kindly :-RRB-
Also I'm working on an angled version, start with a 25 degree tilt, this variant will be 30$ because of the additional time and plastic.
Update 2013-10-03 (unit now available in ABS)
Added a sort-of web store to my blog, to purchase this, go here

Update October 24 2014
I have not been selling this specific model for a while. 3D printing is a really slow process... cast urethane is quicker, and injection molding is the fastest!
The hooded/hook version of this inlet has been my most popular version, which is now available injection molded!
I'm selling on both my blog (above) and ebay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171514424417

Thanks to you! For making this possible, the community!


Printed with 1.75mm ABS on a Maker Gear Prusa Mendel with sprinter firmware on a glass bed, (don't you just love that glassy finish?) . 0.35mm print head and .2mm layer thickness. Object created in Blender, sliced with slic3r and published with pronterface. Some sanding may be required, I used a dremel, see photos.
Update: 2013-09-21 uploaded version with latch, takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to print PLA with .3mm layers

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