This is an easy to publish Black Decker line laser and Logitech 9000 camera mount for Makerscanner software.

I wanted to try out 3D scanning, but did not want to spend a whole lot of money to do it. I have the Logitech 9000 a excellent camera plus a Black and Decker BDL220S line laser. Other methods require printing arms to connect the parts together, I opted to use 3/8" wood dowel... fast and effortless. The mount is optional and may be printed.


All components were printed on a TOM using a MK6+ on a heated build platform. My settings were: Object infill% 35, Layer height(mm) .32, Number of shells 0, feedrate (mm/s) 32.

Logitech 9000 camera
Black and Decker BDL220s line laser

6 x 3/8" countersunk wood screw

3/8" wood dowel

Print laser and the camera mounts. Cut two pieces of 3/8" dowel 165mm long. Connect laser and the camera mounts with the dowel, don't paste them, they remain just fine. There's a magnet on the bottom of the laser, put in a small #6 countersunk wood screw in the bracket to keep the laser in place.There's a seem on the bottom of the laser and you made need to place a couple of layers of tape on one side to keep the laser from rocking. The camera slides into the bracket and pops up. The optional tripod mount utilizes a 1/4"x20 nut and simply slides on the dowel. As a finishing touch I added small cushions to the bottom of the mounts.

There's and exceptional tutorial on 3D laser scanning here: http://wiki.makerbot.com/makerscanner-software

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