Dig out those old prescription glasses you have had sitting around forever, design a rad new frame, print it out, pop in lenses...pick up chicks!

This is a derivative of Prusajr awesome glasses that are working! I redesigned into smaller units in Google sketchup and divide to allow printing on a easy and makerbot customization.
I was too anxious to try them out and didn't design a hinge. A brand new design will be worked on by me . Super glue appears to work great. The STLs were not included by me because you really should edit the Sketchup file to fit your lenses.


  1. Locate old presciption glasses and remove lens.
  2. Modify Lens Section to fit your lens design, size and current style.
    2a. My lens had a nice snug fit and stayed in. You might want to design a bevel similar to Prusajr.
  3. Print twice, flipping second copy so that the smooth printed sides fit.
  4. Print nose section...change for size and width to desired fit.
  5. Print Arm sections, flipping second copy as above.
  6. Glue together, super glue worked great for me.
  7. Use hot air gun to bend and mold for final fitting.
  8. Dremel nose area to get fit and comfort.
  9. Amaze friends, stun co-workers, pick up chicks by always having the latest fashion in eyeware.
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