"I will call him... Mini Moai."
Fits a Kleenex brand pocket pack of tissues. The smooth-surfaced version prints in about an hour; the textured "rocky" version takes longer. Printing with support enabled is better, but the samples shown in the photographs printed pretty well (upright) without assistance or raft.

Feb 24 Update: Holes from the "Rocky" version's mesh have been fixed.
Feb 25 Update: The Rocky version is currently single-walled for quicker printing.
Mar 2 Update: A better "final" version of Rocky using a slide-on back-plate (based on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1371856) and built-in support is currently available.


Kleenex package attachment methods

After removing sharp edges and any drooping strands around the nose area, feed the first tissue through the nose and open the Kleenex bundle secure the bundle in place using one of the following methods:

1) Cut a couple of rubber bands, elastic cord, or strips of Velcro to length and hot glue them to the inner wall to maintain the Kleenex bundle in place.
2) Cut notches or holes into the inner wall and attach the rubber bands/elastic cord there.
3) Duct tape!
4) Print the model with the slide-on back plate.

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