It is a theory which I came up with when I desired to design my own bookmark. I am an enthusiastic reader and resorted to using Post-It notes to bookmark textbooks and my novels. Not at all aesthetically pleasing to the eye, although after a while I understood that it was a rather practical strategy. Given my natural urge to design and create, I understood the sole reasonable action to do was to design my very own merchandise, one that couldn't be bought at a bookstore or ordered online. I needed credibility.

It needed to be practical yet refined, simple yet creative. And after some first layout sketches, I eventually created the Tree Sources bookmark. It's made to resemble a tree in an abstract way, as seen in the thing graphic. The geometry is truly fairly symmetrical, although apparently organic in its contour. The disparate nature of its own layout is the thing that makes the notion work.

I make this bookmark using a flexible and bouncy high-gloss PVC plastic stuff. The property that is flexible enables it to readily 'squeeze' pages collectively to create a solid hold.

In case you enjoy the layout, please distribute the love =)


Simply because they are usually rather thin, take care to not bend the tree branches.

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