.STL File / 3D model: MAKE #16 - BOOK OWLS

These little owls that are helpful hang on your own tree or indicate your spot in a publication. Owl good is that?!

Faberdashery are releasing daily, seasonal layouts for you to print and revel in. Join in the fun with our 25 Days of MakingThis is Make #16 of 25.


Slit with 2 shells (/margins) and 0% infill. At coarse resolution (0.3mm), you'll discover prints have additional shimmer (and print faster!).
Created in spectacular Faberdashery Robot Silver PLA^ and Bling Bling Gold PLA^.

This print needs ~10g of stuff (~2m of 3mm / ~4m of 1.75mm filament).

Just print and bookmark. Or hang. Or both! You've two, so why not?

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