A printable comic book frame for American comic books, which seemingly come in a standard size. It's a 3mm lip round the edge without obstructing the artwork and holes on the interior walls for toothpicks or paperclips as retainers to hold in a part of glass. See directions for more.


This really is a large one - I needed to turn it on a 45-degree angle to fit platform is built by a 200mm. I contained the 123D Design file if anyone wishes to try and break it into smaller balls.

  • Print 2. I went with infill that was 25% and each half of the framework weighs over 100g. Where the parts partner may not turn out nicely, you can go with the surfaces. I would like to understand the way that it goes.
  • Assemble with your adhesive of selection. I utilized JB Weld and place clamps on it to hold the joints and keep the framework square.
  • Get a part of glass in the hardware store. Chat up the man cutting your glass. Show them the frame, and let them know that it is designed to be 6 5/8" by 10 1/4", but this guide on the web said that the 6 5/8" was only a hair too much to sit nicely.
  • With the frame face down, put in your comic book of selection, the glass, as well as a layer of corrugated fiberboard. You call it corrugated cardboard, but it's a cooler and far better name than that and you only learned it. Adhere toothpicks into the tabs to hold everything down or paperclips. Nobody's going to look back there, anyway.


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