.STL File / 3D model: BOOK RING 2.0

It is a redesign of the novel ring I uploaded before. It is intended to assist in one and is worn on the thumbnail -given novel reading. It has rounded corners to secure your first editions, is somewhat longer in relation to the original, and was made by removing some plastic from the inside of the wings a bit more flexible. I've supplied two versions; one with "EX LIBRIS" printed on the wings, and one with clean wings you can personalize at any CAD applications in case you want. Both STL and OBJ files are supplied. As with the very first version, the ring could be worn with the words confronting the reader, or confronting the novel. Relaxation should order the mode of use. I've included images of the "EX LIBRIS" model. Please excuse my cuticles being adorned by the hangnails. PLA should function good, although I've just printed this in ABS. I used moderate quality print standards for this particular print (0.2mm layers) and it turned out fantastic. This really isn't a section with tight tolerances so just about any print parameters should lead to a print that is useable. As mentioned in the original job, this was inspired by an Instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/How-make-a-reader-ring-with-Sugru/). Happy reading!


desiged in TinkerCad

Slit with Cura

printed with 3mm ABS
260 degrees
0.2mm layers
0.8 wall depth
30% fill

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