Noah's Ark transcribed into 8 tactile graphics, including a key.

Versions Available

  • Key
  • Page 1: "Building an Ark"
  • Page 2 (still trying to simplify for export)
  • Page 3: "Animals Came, Two by Two"
  • Page 4: "It Started to Rain"
  • Page 5: "Ark on a Mountain"
  • Page 6: "Dove with an Olive Leaf
  • Page 7: "Rainbow Over Ark"

Visually impaired youngsters that are in the procedure for building a comprehension of their world regularly learn through guided tactile education and stimulus including tactile images.

The shortage of readily reproducible and customizable tactile graphics in the visually impaired community visits an educational challenge wherein teachers of the visually impaired (TVIs) must use labor intensive, time consuming means to build significant tactile experiences for their pupils.

These layouts expect to take advantage of 3D printing technology to create readily customizable and printable tactile graphics. Feel free to change & customize!

How I Designed This

All versions were designed on CraftML, an XML-style markup language for 3D modeling that features support for Braille text.

Tactile Image Book Project
Additional advice about the attempt to transcribe picture books into a reachable tactile format.

Designing Noah's Ark in 3D
Post detailing my indepth design procedure on 3DA11y, a site dedicated to sharing info about chances in 3D availability.


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