This really is a wonderful one piece bird feeder (for smaller fowl) that's a thread to adapt a 2 litre soda bottle as the seed "hopper".

(after many requests, I made a liquid feeder variation for hummingbirds and nectar eaters. It is at...

There's additionally a small "hook" you can paste/epoxy onto the foundation of the soda bottle to let you hang it in a tree.

Rev 04g is (hopefully) the final variant of the model :-)

Tweet tweet love :-)

UPGRADE HISTORY (earliest at the bottom)

2014 03 30 ii
Could Not resist two more small mods...
1) Holes enabling seed out made somewhat bigger and interior cone made a little steeper (I found rougher feed getting stuck frequently)
2) Place a taper between the narrow vertical cylinder and also the thicker threaded part to prevent the wreck of overhanging print.

Unfortunately I'm experiencing warping on the outer ring :-(
(ABS at 230 deg C, bed at 115 deg C) - any thoughts to resolve/prevent are most welcome :-) Thx

2014 03 30 i
After much frustration at filling the PET bottle with feed through a too-narrow funnel, I made a double-headed-thread to simplify life. I use a cutoff PET bottle as a funnel and screw both sides into the brand new piece. Simple :-)

2014 03 01 (318)
I got fed up with un-tie-ing the cord so frequently, made HOOK rev 3 with an opening :-) LOL (NB! - use support)

2014/02/23 (199)
Rev 04g

2014/02/21 (157)
Rev 4e

2014/02/9 (72)
Rev 3

2014/02/18 (68)
Rev 2
Thicker foundation, water escape holes, thinner walls,
reworked inside for better seed flow.

A less-hastily thrown-together hook uploaded.

2014/02/16 (15)
Apologies for uploading beta version in error :-(
(I see about 15 folks downloaded that version - sorry)

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