My entrance for the Thingiverse BIrdhouse Challenge.

the American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse!

This birdhouse features two entries, sloped drains in the foundation to permit fluid to run out together with upper ventilation through the chimney and windows. There are multiple interior stages constructed into the corners so fowl can snuggle in areas where wind is not able to blow them across. Alongside the veranda, there are three perches for birds

There are two significant middle-aligned screw slots for additional firmness and for tree mounting, there are two ornamental support trusses keep it from going everywhere!

This classy casa was made to print without using support stuff. The body prints as just one bit! The foundation, including the porch for the veranda, comes to a rest with the columns matching with the beam of the roofing and slides in from the front.

I firmly urge printing on a printer in PLA using 150 millimeters broad and construct platform at least 220 millimeters long. Additionally there are bridges on this particular version! So most printers should my first Replicator can manage them just fine. They're inch at their longest and around.

This can of course be scaled it was designed to accommodate little birds like finches, blue jays, chickadees and the like.

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Print the body as one section.

Subsequently the foundation.

Following that, print the chimney and two eave perches. They need to press in place hard, however you can use adhesive that is compatible to affix them.

Print both trusses in case you want additional support and slide them in from the back.

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