I really like my iPhone 6 plus, but is is too large for an auto´s cup holder. I despise adapters where you've got to "install" the telephone before you drive off, so I created Mad Rabbit, simply fall in your telephone and drive
Trust you enjoy it.

Version 2.0 is here with 10% less plastic, screw-on heads and more powerful body !!


  • Compatible with iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus
  • When connected to the power cable readily fall in your telephone.
  • Interchangeable components for distinct cup holder's telephones and sizes.
  • Two point clasp so that it remains securely set in the cup holder.
  • Made to print with no support structures.
  • No adhesive, screw-on head and snap on arms.
  • Insane bunny's eyes channel the audio coming to the front from the iPhone.
  • Even when set on a table the mobile remains balanced inside Insane bunny.


There are 3 main components: HEAD, BODY and ARMS

  • HEAD: Designed to fit your mobile using a light case (incipio, apple silicone case, etc). There are 3 head sizes: iPhone 5, 6 and 6plus. Print the one that is right for your mobile.

  • BODY: Screw together with the HEAD of your choice.

  • ARMS: Fit the ARMS throughout the base of the body so that it locks in over the very first band physically, and press the collar. Designed for an 8cm diameter cup holder (mini cooper, fiat 500).

Note: I designed the ARMS's diameter for my automobile, in the event you need me to make a variant for your own auto only ask :) just make sure you send me the width of the cup holder in centimetres.

HINT: You can stick strips of blue masking tape on the interior of the telephone holder (bunny ears) so they provide added grip and protection for your telephone.

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