.STL File / 3D model: T-REX SKELETON

A ready-to-print model that's back from extinction


Prehistorically Perfect

The model is a great tool that's 20 times bigger than the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex's real-life skeleton. Whether you're using it in the classroom or adding your collection to it, you will take pride in knowing it is assembled to scale.

Anatomically Correct

In the image of its ancestor, this carnivore is created from tail to teeth. No details were spared, to its small arms, to its ribcage, from its intricate skull.

For Educators and Collectors

This king is at home in the classroom as well as at a dinophile's collection. T-Rex is a unique addition for all kinds of interesting applications and lesson plans.

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Dimensions: 601mm X 93mm X 247mm


T-Rex Skeleton Time-Lapse Assembly

Assembly Instructions

Download: Assembly Instructions PDF

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