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For iPhone 4/4s

It is a variation of the iPhone Gear Case that I drew myself and fully designed. It's a lot easier to print than the first case, also as being a better fit and more powerful. The spaces beneath the buttons and sliders has been removed to make them more easy to use, so larger jacks will fit and never needing to take out the case as well as a cutout was made across the headphone interface. The borders of the case are not short enough to stop the display when placed face down from touching. I added a bevel to the ledges that hold the case on the telephone which makes the case quite simple to print without support.

Here is a video of the gears in activity

I got the Geneva Mechanism thought from jessed, and used msruggles' solidworks gear generator to generate the gear profiles.


  1. Print one of each component, except for the 3x2.75mm pin, of which you'll want two.

Print the case casing and ridge with 0.1 millimeter layer height, no support, and single margins. That is a small bevel on the ledges that hold the case onto the telephone which make it printable with no support. The bevel is only going to work if layer heights are enough. You might want to scale the case up by 1

Print the gears with taller layer heights and single margins, I used 0.25 mm.

Print the pins using a fan. lower layer heights function best for strength, but anything should work.

  1. Paste the case ridge on the rear of the case casing, ensuring it lines up nicely and the pins fit. You need to use acetone or super glue for this.

  2. Sand the gear faces a bit to be sure they can spin easily against the case.

  3. Attach by press fitting the pins in their corresponding holes. Look in the images for gear positioning. When you're pleased with how the case functions, turn it over and place a dab of paste on every pin fastening it to the case. I sprayed on the gears with some CRC Heavy Duty Silicone, plus it made the gears turn
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