This was motivated by "Paper Clip to put up easy photograph background" http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:95180 The curves of slepcat's layout are a terrific concept, but I wanted to use heavier paper than the reels accommodated, and I wished the paper wouldn't come out of the slots so readily. I needed a sweep that could stand on its own with stability.
Thin paper is held by the stand in this layout nicely and also allows for sheets although not as elegant as the first. The back post helps support a higher background, and a plate is behind the sweep that can be weighted for added stability.
Please see Directions for assembly notes.


Print the pin twice. The platens attach to the stands as shown with all. Although most people find this works, there are a few who have had the hooks print out too small; if so, use a 3/16" bolt.
To use, open the platen and feed the paper between the stand and the pivot. Holding the paper from the stand, shut the platen and secure it.
The horizontal plates supporting the curves are for weights which are needed for paper that is more heavy. If you plan to use just one size of paper, gluing the racks will make the setup even more stable and easier.

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