This is a work in progress. A fully printed R2D2 body based on the fabulous work published by James Bruton (check him out on Youtube) but heavily modified for scale / skins along with changes to match the Dome I designed. This isn't a certified build model (not compatible or interchangeable with the official builder spec) as I've designed for whole 3D printing, although I've used reference dimensions to create as accurate as possible. A huge print job, which I'll update as I print. All components printed in ABS on a Makerbot (components cut for the Makerbot build plate. Modified Shoulder Frames based on James Bruton problem. I've included a 36 level hole for further support instead of the James bodge shoulder which restricts the skins being fitted. Additional Head Switch Gear (driver) and Head Turn Idler (for the opposite side to maintain the Lazy Susan Ring in) designed for two 6mm bearings, 6mm Bolt and Nut with a washer. Just enabled tips to find out what happens... Please feel free to send across a small tiny amount if you wish to! Not even sure if it works as I can't see anything on my screen :-)

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