The charging/connection cable for the new iPhone 6 / iPad Air is smaller than preceding cables and is prone to breaking through use at the joint between the connector and cable. It is a remedy to assist in preventing cables from breaking.

Unlike alternate approaches available to counteract this issue the Springy Apple Cable Saver will not merely transfer the flex / break point away from the cable / connector joint to some other point farther up the cable.

Motion in the cable stops / connector joint place as well as controls the degree of curvature in the place that is springy. This ceases kinking / tight curves that can weaken the cord as time passes. The springy place is 'springy' to make the cable spring back to near right as much as possible... graduating / minimizing curvature that may result in it breaking.

Three .stl files are supplied. They contain the apparatus end simply, both ends in one file and the usb end just.

This prints designed in internal support pin and nicely on a Replicator 2 / 5th Generation Replicator but the spring may prove challenging for some machines. PLA is urged to make it extremely springy when a high percent of infill as well as 3 casings is used.

Hopefully this proves valuable to a lot of Apple apparatus owners...

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Print Settings

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Resolution: Std / 0.20 mm

Infill: 3 Casings / 75% infill


Advocate using 3 casings and 75% infill with PLA to ensure the Springy Apple Cable Savers are powerful and... springy.

Utilize a Raft for a safe foundation as this will help ensure the springs print nicely (although they are going to stay somewhat stringy underneath due to movement as well as the position).

Don't use support. The necessary support is a designed in pin up the center that should push out readily after printing (Refer to pictures)


Support removal...

Consult with the pictures.

The pins that are designed in center support should shove readily out of the center. They may be required to minimise motion of the spring during printing.

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