Yes typing malfunction.. If anyone sees it will repair.
Is this the brand new helmet? I expect so, it seems trendy, although I do not understand.
A user by the name of Smookcmb made a low res mesh.. he was quite close.. it may be located here..
I got his mesh, converted it to an obj and then place it into zbrush to work out the details. The Zbrush result seems better although I attempted it in Blender.
Now if we compare it to the leaked picture, the visor in the picture expands all the way across the very top of the nose, there are not any eye sockets such as the conventional, so I went around those, of course added a gabillion polygons to it to smooth it over (second pic shows initial net) and made a foundation and hole for it, which is discretionary.
Supports are needed..
This is a work in progress as the helmet might transform... and I have to eliminate the little lip that is above the eyes if I need it closer to the leaked picture.
***Full size mask?
Not yet, let us wait and see some more leaks before we go printing a full size one! That may have only been evaluation or a prototype, so let us not jump the gun an excessive amount.

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