This is my extended version of r3z0's Tevo Tarantula case mk1. I wanted to be able to fit more components. So I created an extended version that can fit my PSU in addition to OcotoPi and 4 Channel Relay.

So I could print them on a smaller bed base and the side panels are split into 2 parts each. Is utilized to superglue the 2 pieces. The side panels have screw offsets that take larger or screws.

Update #4:

Added a larger version to match power supplies. All files are prefixed with "xl_" with this version.

Update #3:

Adjusted side panels so there isn't a gap that is small when constructed.

Update #2:

Side panels need shims for support. Screwing the two panels is sufficient support to not need shims. I've also added a components part that's connected to the side panel. I did this so that the components part can be customized and doesn't need an reprint of the side panel.

Parts Overview


  1. Front Top: (2 choices)
  2. Front Bottom: front_bottom. stl
    • Requires: 80mm Fan

Left Side

  1. Left Panel (1 of 2): left_panel_1. stl
  2. Left Panel (2 of 2): left_panel_2. stl
  3. Left Panel w/ SD (2 of 2): left_panel_2_w_sd. Stl Use in conjunction with Front Top w/ SD (front_top_w_sd. stl)
  4. Component Panel: left_component_panel. stl

Components Panel

Left Panel Assembled

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