Here is "InMoov", the robot hand you'll be able to print and animate. You've got a 3D printer, some construction abilities, This job is mainly for you!
This is a hand assembled for a job (still image commercial), it was designed to be mobile but not animated and largely have the ability to take human hand postures. Fishing rods or cables may be added to be able to control it, but it wasn't the intent of the work in the beginning. I'm now working on another model(for the entertaining), attempting to animate it, I truly would like to do it with computer management but I've never worked in that field. Never used servo so any help is welcomed.
A first motion video. I must say this video was difficult to do. I was holding the camera with a single hand and attempting to activate the poles with the other.
I definitly need three hands
Last of all:
A demo using Jump movement to control the hand:
There is, in addition, the left hand model for the one that intend to create an entire robot, Arf, still rather a morsel of work though.


Until it's completed, it is a work in progress, files might change.
Print one of each STL files attached. I did it in ABS.
Before printing read all this, since the upgrades are on the base, it may save you printing time.
Find a complete tuto here:
Print wriargeV3, wristsmallV3,thumb4 with an infill of 30%, 3 casings, greatest with no support, no raft.
Print auriculaire3,index3,majeure3,ringfinger3 with an infill of 30%, 1 shell, greatest with no support, no raft.
Print robpart2V3, robpart3V3, robpart4V3, robpart5V3 with an infill of 30%, 3 casing, greatest with raft.
Print coverfinger with an infill of 30%, 3 casings, with support.
You may also need the rotational Wrist: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25149
As Well As the easy servo support. Accessible here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:65274

Large bolts are at present printable. (Powerful enough for me.)
You can replace the 16x3mm for the fingers with pins/pegs of filament instead of bolts, it is inexpensive, simple, and powerful enough. It ended up being a trace of FreddyA.
1x8mmx8cm bolt is obligatory for to attach wriarge to wristsmall.
1x8mmx4cm bolt is necessary for to attach wriarge to thumbbottom.
1x8mmx6cm bolt is obligatory for to attach wriarge to robpart1.
16x3mmx2cm bolts are necessary for the majority of fingers hinges(I 've recut each bolt to accommodate to finger width)

Paste with acetone like on images:
Thumb4 level components together but Not the point.
Finger level components but Not the points(Be carefull not to mix them up, they all have another size)
Redrill 8mm holes if desired.
If needed reDrill all finger hinges with 3mm drill. In the event you plan on using filament pegs, redrill at 3mm(Be cautious not to break components)
Fingers should go freely.
26/02/12 Okay, I've added parts of the forarm, print without support but with raft. I've already place in some additional components thought to support overhangs in robpart2V2, robpart3, robpart4V2, robpart5V2
Once printed remove the additional supports as well as the anti-warp constructions.
Make certain to remove solely the additional parts and not the servo mounts.
Redrill the mounts if needed.
Paste with acetone Rotawrist, robpart2v3 and robpart5V3. Make certain the servo brakets are aligned.
Paste together robpart3V3 and robpart4V3.
Mount the straightforward servo bed.
Fit and bolt in the 4 servos HK15298.
Wire the servos to the departure of Robcap..
Run from each servos two poles of fishing Braid 200 POUNDS to the point of each and every finger. Make certain not to twist them on the way through. One pole needs to be over, when passing the bolts of hinges and one must be under. Add in the hinge a ring2 on each bolt. Place in to maximum place suposedly with straight level fingers with the horn place to complete pull out. By making two knots fix the poles at the point of fingers. Poles need to be fit between the horn and point of finger.
After all fingers are wired through, paste the tips of fingers with acetone.
Mount the "topsurface" on the rear of the hand with 3mmx2cm bolts.
Paste the coverfinger on the top of fingers. Make certain motion is free with hinges.

Upgrade 15/03/12: Large Cover for Arduino arrived and nearly installed, servos and the right hand prepared and uploaded. Added small cable holders to paste, and a Arduino support (thanks to Jestin and pchretien)
Update 21/03/12 I redesigned robpart2 to robpart2V2 due to missing bit of mount( Thanks Wulfnor)
Upgrade 28/03/12 you may download the scripts for Arduino to either do the pattern movement shown in the final video or utilize your computer keyboard to control the servos.(you should install serialterm for computer keyboard control)Thanks to Mad Jaw for the help.
Upgrade 01/04/12 of Wristsmall1 to WristsmallV2 prevents the movement from closure too much the hand. Additionally extra holes for positionning topsurface4.
Upgrade 02/04/12 of Wriarge1 to WriargeV2, added holes for positionning topsurface4 and two cages for nuts at end of 8mm bolts..
Upgrade 18/05/12 printable bolts, altered "robpart4" to "robpart4V2" for to get the arm piston. Find website
Upgrade 16/06/12 I 've uploaded the rotational wrist.
see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25149
Update 22/06/12 I 've uploaded the new mounts and changed "robparts" mentionned on my site.
see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25465
Update 22/06/12 Uploaded "robcap3V1" for to shut the elbow of the forarm.
Upgrade 23/06/12 Changed all the fingers2 to version3 for easy mounting, also changed wristlargeV2, wristsmallV2 to V3 variant. All holes are prepared, as well as the hinges are prepared to be assembled. Rings are place in the hinges.
Upgrade 16/07/12 Changed thumb4 to thumb5, strangely it would not fit into wristlargeV2 anymore. added the hole for attaching the cover.
Upgrade 06/08/12 Added InMoovPowerGlove (Thanks to brianhomer)
The zip includes a PDF diagram for connections and a sketch to upload on your Arduino board.
Upgrade 17/09/12 I 've uploaded the bicep components.
see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30654
Upgrade 03/01/13 I 've uploaded the shoulder components.
see: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40040
Update 20/01/13you are now able to download the torso parts at
Upgrade 27/02/13 you can now downoload the neck with mechanism
Upgrade 12/12/13 straightforward servo bed is currently the default option mount system for the servos. Robparts are shifted to robpartV3 to simplify the comprehension. WristLargeV3 is shifted to WristLargeV4, the liners inside for the poles is less complex and WOn't get combined during pathing.
Rotawrist replaces robpart1.
Update 21/10/14 EntretoiseBolt6 to EntretoiseBolt7
Still working on directions text...

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