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  • Introducing - Dave the Minion!


    Print your own, pint sized, private robot Minion!




    Dave the Minion is a Despicable Me version of Bob the Biped in the video under.




    Bob is a success around the world - Initially designed by Kevin Biagini and released to the on-line communityfor


    From then on, manufacturers have been re-creating adding and their personal layout turns; transferring the thought on in interesting and new courses.




    This remix of mine is the beginning step in a strategy to create my own army of minions!






    I looked into both the insides and out of the robot when thinking about this variation.


    I altered the electronic equipment - changing to a more straightforward control the motors (for the legs and feet) could plug right into. This made it easier for those cut out lots of time soldering, and less inclined to finish.


    I elected for a recharchable battery saving waste and space throwing batteries out. I used a little detector concealed in the dungarees of Dave, enabling him to see what is infront of him navigating his way around items.






    This is a really interactive job to you can undertake using your printer.


    It is an engaging learning experience attempting something uncommon and new, while showcasing your printing abilities exercising imagination!


    With the end product being your very own, pintsized, walking robot that is private!





    Your Minion robot is not expensive to construct and wieldy with no previous experience or understand how, making it accessible to

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  • Dave works using four little motors to move his legs, moves are controlled with a microcontroller that can be reprogrammed via USB.

    A list of what you'll want after printing your components is contained in the download with the component files. I have included links where the components can be purchased.

    All the parts are common and simple to locate so feel free to shop around if you'd choose to use a distinct sources.

    A guide on how to to construct your biped has been contained with the print files in the download.


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