This is a "near-scale" version of a proposed NASA robotic submarine that will be used for exploring the liquid ethane/methane lakes of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. It's a "near-scale" version because of the absence of detailed, measured drawings for this vessel--I only had two drawings for reference.

Titan is Saturn's largest moon and it's the second largest moon in our solar system. Titan was discovered in 1655 by Christian Huygens. The NASA Cassini-Huygens orbiter/probe entered Titan orbit with the Huygens descent probe landing on Titan in January 2005 in 2004. Titan has a methane cycle. Lakes exist in high northern latitudes. Larger seas or mare and lakes are full of liquid ethane and methane. A typical, estimated (actual depth is unknown) thickness of 20 m for these mare would be equal to twice the quantity of Earth's oil and gas reserves.

The proposed submarine was designed by Ralph Lorenz for NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC). There are three bodies of liquid ethane that are targeted for mining: Kraken-1, Kraken-2, and Ligeia Mare. The dorsal fin on the explorer is an X-Band Phased Array Antenna. The discs on either side of the mast fin are X-Band Omni Antenna.

This version was intentionally designed with many holes, channels, and ducts for enabling the vessel to completely submerge in a body of water (e.g., pool, bathtub, bucket, etc.). You can tape an Alka-Seltzer tablet in the nose section if you're interested in experimenting with the abilities of the particular model. Carefully, poke a couple of small holes in the tape, thread the cap and place the model in some water. As the vessel submerges, the water will activate the tablet and result in an explosion of gas to fill the interior of the ship. This is an experimental feature of this version and it may not perform to your expectations. Good luck and have fun!

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"How I Came to Design Extraterrestrial Robot Submarines: Part 1 - Probing Saturn's Moon, Titan," Ralph Lorenz; SERVO Magazine, May 2015, pgs. 43 - 47.

"How I Came to Design Extraterrestrial Robot Submarines: Part 2 - Sailing Ligeia, Diving Kraken," Ralph Lorenz; SERVO Magazine, June 2015, pgs. 38 - 44.

"Titan Submarine : Vehicle Design and Operations Concept for the Exploration of the Hydrocarbon Seas of Saturn's Giant Moon," Ralph D. Lorenz, et.al., 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2015)

Parts List

4x - Ballast_Tank_Cap. stl
2x - Ballast_Tank_Xtra. Stl - this component may require some post-print trimming
8x - Ballast_Tank. stl
Forward_Hull. stl
5x - Main_Hull. stl
Main_Mast_Fin. stl
Main_Mast. stl
Nose_Light_Lens. stl
Nose_Section. Stl - this component may require a brim
2x - Omni_Antenna. stl
Rear_Hull. stl
4x - Strut.stl
Surface_Imager_Base. stl
Surface_Imager_Top. stl
Tail_Section_Exhaust. stl
Tail_Section. stl
X_Antenna_Aft. stl
X_Antenna_Base_Front. stl
X_Antenna_Base_Rear. stl
X_Antenna_Divider. stl
X_Antenna_Fore. stl
X_Antenna_Support. stl

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