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  • Here's the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle from Destiny. This weapon is set up to be 1:1 to the in-game version, about 33" long. I've added a removable magazine that slides into place, and a functioning cost handle, trigger mechanism. There are a significant few parts to this, even more now that it's been cut to fit the 7 inch bounding box supported here, but the components are made to assemble in part sections and then assembled (hopefully) without an excessive amount of difficulty. Due to the layout, supports are required by some parts, but I strove to keep the entire sum down.

    There's an attached explosion image of the big parts numbered, they could be identified in the file .zip as follows:

    (some components are cut down smaller than in the picture to enable printing)


    1-barrel assembly
    2-front laser unit
    3-weaver strip
    4-upper casing shrouds
    5-forward handle insert
    6-back sight cover
    7-back sight body
    8-far back shroud
    9-upper casing
    10-lower casing
    12-butt assembly
    13-end adjusters
    14-lower casing shrouds
    15-front grip assembly
    17-bolt parts
    18-principal body


    The principal part parts which you should be cautious with for assembly sequence are the primary body and the receiver halves.... You must install the bolt parts and a spring in the receiver half that is left before joining both sides, before joining the primary body halves and the same goes for the gun trigger. There's an attached picture with the gun trigger and charging handle parts colour-coded to comprehend assembly and process.


    the gun trigger falls into the gun trigger cutouts (the cutouts are in each side of the primary body so the gun trigger sits in the middle) You can clean up both the cutout and the gun trigger and then test-fit it in with the primary body halves simply held together to make certain it slides OK (fortitude are like .5mm, so clean-up will clearly matter). Once it is great, you will need if you need it to go/return a little compression spring or two to put in behind the trigger. I'd only find a couple as large will fit in behind the trigger, and then paste one in high and one low to the primary body. Examine it, correct if desired, then glue the halves together and go from there.
    Now for the Receiver and bolt assembly, this is all only on the left side of the receiver (there is no bolt handle or wounds on the right). After you clean up the bolt components and the pit, you can test it out. Both parts in green are the slide while the blue is only the cover that goes over it all and retains the components and the bolt manage itself. You will see immediately when you get into it that the slide must be set in place and then the bolt handle installed in the hole in the slide from the other side (the entire handle will not slip through the hole in the receiver). Soooooo, after you get the slide moving forth and back clean, then you're able to locate a springtime to run in the front end of the receiver cutout between the slide and the small mount. It will be obvious but you need a spring which will pull on the slide forwards readily when you let go of it, but not so much that it slams the heck out of it every time and threats damage. I'd even paste a bit of something or EVA foam at the' shut' end of the movement to pillow the move. The last bit (blue in the render) of course only holds it all in, so you could get it working fine before you paste the receiver halves together.


    After the gun trigger and charger pieces are installed, hopefully everything is fairly simple to follow... The shrouds can be installed together with it is two little side adjusters and the butt assembly. So they find correctly Additionally, I added several alignment tablatures/slots to give you a hand, specifically with the shrouds. Lastly is the laser sight (part 2) that goes on the barrel. If you print it in one piece, you will need to ATTENTIVELY paste it into position and sand the interior of it is loop down so you could slide it onto the end of the barrel. It's not thick, so, it may require a little finesse to clean it up.

    I did contain both the skeletal pieces imagined and the bands that link the strapping of the firearm; bones and the skull may need some grinding along their undersides, determined by tight and how close you need them to fit on the weapon. Nothing a dremel can not manage however. :) By yourself, you're for the straps.

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  • Print at 0.2 mm layer height, with 10% infill. This takes 112 hours 31 minutes and uses 1888 grams of filament.
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