The beginning of a collection of "Female- Bimbo" (no offense to female members just Bimbo fits!) Options to DC and Marvel characters.
This isn't a simple printable and is my first effort into the 3D printing process of model making.
There is full details of my inspirations, design tools used etc. in the enclosed instructions.pdf, I strongly advise downloading this to get the best possible print.

Print Settings


XYZ DaVinci AIO1.0


Doesn't Matter


Doesn't Matter


All supports and fill info in the Instruction.PDF, please download this . .


A lot of Paint !

There is a good amount of postwork.
The arms and mind have holes but might not line up or fit in the sockets without a little bit of sanding.
I left the armour with print lines , but used Keytone then washing, then sanding, then acetone wash . . With a lot of masking and spraying.
Main armour spray painted, body oil hand painted and completed contouring etc . . Prior to a final 3 coats of clear lacquer.
I printed two chest plates, one with T-Glass and one in ABS

Finished item with alternative arm and head with helmet

How I Designed This

I wanted to make this and needed to use tools available from resources that are FREE.
My technique was straightforward . . . Daz set with integrated models then export with no substances as OBJ pose. Find Free royalty free objects I load into Meshmixer, or could draw in 123D and scale/place onto my female. Extrude the clothing to the female body combine, make solid, once this was completed . . Fix, a small trip into Netfabb, spend and save, back into Meshmixer sculpting the detail all.
I did understand that heads are hard from DAZ to 3D printas they export eyes lashes etc ...so again with heads from Public Domain as a start edited in Sculptis and MeshMixer so solid objects . .

Custom Section

I made head arm that was alternative sets . . One wearing arm and a helmet with no helmet set . . Chose to make a headset that is free, so had to put helmet in hand.

As can be seen from photos holds parts, you are able to print out both as the Stark box.
To mend arms I use a rubber shrink tube over a metal screw . . As my fancy takes me, so I can remove arms and heads . .

Screw and rubber pin drilled and fitted to arm socket.

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