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  • Warhammer inspired by the Blackhand in Warcraft saga. It'sn't a straight copy of the one seen in World of Warcraft, but I made it based on my own picture what I recalled that hammer to be like. I'm a casual player of WoW and a lover of Warcraft story, so that was an easy world to search for things I could design for testing the PETG + LED combo's with. I picked this version because at the time I simply had red PETG on my ledge so the luminescence had to be orange or reddish, and the warhammer of Blackhand simply happened to be precisely within the color scheme I was believing for.

    Hammer head contains two orange LED's, handle has room for 2 AA batteries to light 'em up. There's empty spacer above the batteries for resistors and power switch which comes out just above the "metallic" band in the side of the handle.

    The hammer head is printed from reddish see-through PETG, remainder is printed from PLA. Painting by using Citadel miniature paints and details made.

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