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  • Dice cup Of Thrones house Stark inspired.
    It features the Plain sigil, celtic designs on the cup and lid and has been painted to look like iron, perfect for board game enthusiasts. This may also be used on a desk or miniature plant pot also as a truly awesome pencil pot.


    If you buy this item through the MyMiniFactory Store please note:

    • This merchandise will come unpainted and unassembled when you purchase it. We support you to be creative, personalize it as you want. Express your awesomeness and share an image of the final result with us!

    • The colour of your print will be selected at random and will be printed in either ABS or PLA filament unless you've a special request.

    • Delivery time will be between 1 and 4 weeks from the minute the item is ordered by you. This is dependent on the amount of time the item takes to print and where you are.

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  • The printing is pretty straight forward, print virtuous for supports that are minimal although the lid will use. To get it looking like iron make sure that the cup is not white through painting or printing after which add black grate polish with a tough brush into all the crevices and grooves. Once that's done polish off with a fabric until glossy. A detailed the best way to can be located on our site here > http://www.myminifactory.com/blog/?q=node/7 Lid print time - 1 hour 30 minutes Cup print time - 4 hours 30 minutes infill - 75% - 100%
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