Earrings, necklace, and a printable tiara place for a Sailor Moon costume. They were designed for a costume party the following day at the final minute.

All components were designed with Blender for printing on a Thingomatic.


You will need several extra bits and pieces to finish the pieces, as well as the earrings require a little basic jewellery making know-how, but nothing overly complex!

Materials needed:

  • Yellowish PVA filament (or gold in the event that you have some)
  • Springy thread
  • Gold thread (or some light colour, I used a pale cream/yellow)
  • Span of red ribbon
  • 4 little gold beads
  • Reddish sharpie marker (or other make of permanent marker with little tip)

This is the simplest touch, simply print out the half moon and string it onto a part of red ribbon. Tie the ribbon in the rear of your neck and you are done.

You'll want 4 little gold beads, some thread and two earring findings. Print two copies of the earring file and then string together the earring by first lining on the half moon, then the beads (using knots to keep them in the correct position), then the earring findings.

A very helpful characteristic of the coloured PVA is the fact that it's a lower melt temperature to the normal basic plastic, which means you can mould the shape a little after you take it off the build platform. That is how I got the tiara to fit precisely to my head. The key is simply to catch the plastic in the instant that is most suitable where it is cool enough to touch but still flexible. WARNING: don't put in your head right from the construct surface!

So print out the file to make the tiara, take it off the construct surface and enable to cool just afterward hold it in place in your brow for some seconds while it hardens. Tie some elastic thread through the holes. Subsequently straightforward colour in the central ellipse with a red sharpie (you may also use air-fix paints, however a sharpie is a lot more straightforward and less messy).

A fast added on the hair. My own personal hair was used by me for the buns and cut-in extensions for the long pigtails. For the red circles in the hair I shoved one into each bun and set red buttons on the end of a metal hair grips. I 'd lots of buttons so only painted two vivid reddish with air-fix paints, but I do have a 3D-printable button you may use here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13315

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