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    With one of the largest matches of the century just around the corner I decided to model the

    Iconic Cabal Legionnaire from Destiny. The whole model was created from primitives inside Zbrush.


    Cabal are a big, rhinoceros-like, bipedal race with a flat nose, thick gray skin, conical teeth, and little eyes. Despite being unable to breath the Martian atmosphere without their armour, the Cabal seem to show an affinity to desert-like terrain, which is apparent through profession and their colloquial nomenclature of Mars. The race expresses a sophisticated understanding of technology, seen with weapons, sophisticated armour, vehicles, and the skill of space faring.


    Nearly all Cabal technology includes an unknown black sludge which human lab's have yet to locate a method to synthesize. When killed, Cabal soldiers fail loud and "squirt dark oil from their livery."


    If you'd like to add an LED light as we did, then you definitely can get the kit from Kitronik here.

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  • Print at 100-150 microns to reach the greatest amount of detail, I suggest using Net mixer ( efficient support stuff builder) for a simpler and more affordable print when it comes to filament used on your behalf. You can download net mixer here http://www.meshmixer.com/ When it comes to infill I propose 15-20% infill for a fast print however you've got tweak these settings to meet your needs.
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