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  • Full scale Buster sword from Final Fantasy, print in 15 components and assemble, superb wonderful prop for cosplay and costumes!

    The Buster Sword is a weapon that has appeared in several other games in the show and appeared in Final Fantasy VII. It's the trademark weapon of Cloud Strife. The Buster Sword functions as Cloud VII due to its enormous size and wields an iconic picture for Cloud and Final Fantasy in many of his appearances.

    The Buster Sword is classified as a tremendous broad sword. From point to manage, it's about five to six feet long, with a single-edged big sword about one foot broad. In the Final Fantasy VII graphics of Cloud, the sword is a lighter shade on the bladed edge while the remaining part of the sword is dark gray, and the handguard seems to be bolted or riveted into position. There are two holes near the handguard, variably said to be where Cloud cuts the sword onto his back or to be Materia slots. This layout of the Buster Sword is used in most spinoff appearances. In the Kingdom Hearts collection, Cloud wields a Buster Sword of this layout enveloped in bandages.

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  • Supplied in 15 parts. Smart building system for joining the sections, paste needed yet! Print at 0.25mm, low infill for primary blade components. For handle 0.20 or 0.25mm and moderate infill for strength.
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